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The Best (And Worst) Fences for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here, which means Florida homeowners will soon start making preparations. Stocking up on water bottles, canned goods, and keeping the gas tank full at all times are common precautions we all take at the start of summer – but what other ways can you protect your property from potential storm damage? 

At FloriFence, we believe the best protection is prevention. By choosing renovations that serve your home for hurricane preparedness, you can put yourself in a better position regardless of what storms pass. If you’re planning ahead for hurricanes with your fence installation, here’s what you should know: 

The best option: chain link 

It comes as a surprise to many homeowners that chain link is actually the best option when it comes to hurricane season. The fence is able to bend and move and is, therefore, less likely to be pushed over by strong winds and falling debris. It is also the simplest and most affordable to repair or replace, so if a tree falls on your fence, you aren’t losing thousands of dollars in repairs. For homes that have had close calls with hurricanes before, chain link could be your best option. 

Very good: vinyl and metal fencing

Vinyl and metal fencing can also withstand hurricanes well, though they will break rather than bend if falling debris or water pushes on them too hard. Vinyl and some types of metal are also water-resistant, which means they won’t rot or rust if your home experiences flooding due to storm surge. 

Not so great: wood fencing

Wood fencing is most likely to experience damage during hurricane season. It is easily knocked over by falling debris and storm surge, and can rot or warp if exposed to water too long. While heavy rains shouldn’t damage it (so long as you have a protective coating of some sort), storm surges can cause damage to the foundation that is difficult to repair. If you live very close to the coast, we recommend vinyl as an alternative that won’t be at risk during the summertime.

FloriFence offers a variety of fencing options to suit your home all seasons of the year. If you’d like to learn more about our options for residential fencing, contact us today!

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