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The Benefits of Powder-Coated Fencing

Fence installations are typically not cheap for homeowners. They typically cost several thousands of dollars even for small homes and can get much more expensive for large properties or certain types of fence material. Therefore, it is important to most customers that their fence lasts for several decades with the minimal amount of maintenance possible. 

For this reason, we often recommend to customers have their metal fencing powder coated. This process of coating the fence with a powder finish not only lasts longer than paint but provides ancillary benefits to our customers. Below are just a few reasons why most clients choose powder coating over paint for their new fence installation: 

Powder-coated fences are more durable. 

Powder coating adds a protective layer to the fence, preventing things like water damage, cracks, and other issues from appearing on the surface. This not only extends the service life of the fence, but can also reduce the maintenance demand on the owners. 

Powder-coated fences are rust-resistant. 

Powder coating does a great job of creating a waterproof barrier for the fence. This prevents certain metal fences and metal fence accessories from rusting over time. 

Powder coating is less environmentally hazardous. 

Many paints made for outdoor use have chemicals in them that are toxic to the environment and can be harmful to humans if misused. Powder coating, on the other hand, is comparatively less toxic and reduces waste because the powder not used in the application can be reused for the next project. Plus, powder coating is done in an enclosed environment, which means nobody breathes in the fumes or is exposed to the low levels of harmful chemicals present in the compounds. 

Powder-coating gives you plenty of color options. 

Powder coating actually offers customers more color options than paint in most cases. If you want a custom color to match your home or something unique like a matte black as opposed to a glossy finish, you can often find more options in powder coating than in paint. 

FloriFence offers powder coating options for most of our metal fence designs at an affordable price. To learn how you can get custom powder coating for your next fence project, give us a call today!

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