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The Benefits of Fencing your Residential Property

As your drive through your neighborhood, look at the fences. Are backyards fenced in wood or chain link? Do neighbors have decorative or metal fences in their front yards? Are neighbors using fencing for curb appeal or security? There are many benefits to residential fencing. FloriFence encourages you to really think about what you want out of your fence, as these factors can help determine the most appropriate solutions.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

A fence can add decorative appeal to your property. Especially with the wide range of fencing materials, patterns and colors offered by FloriFence, your property can stand out from the rest. Whether you’re going for a modern, custom vinyl look or if you prefer the more natural look of wood, there’s an option to meet your style goals and your budget.

Provide Privacy

Everyone has a different level of privacy needs. While you might be comfortable with the visibility granted by an aluminum fence in your front yard, you might prefer the full privacy granted by a wood or vinyl fence in your backyard. A full fence can provide privacy from nearby neighbors or a busy road, allowing you to fully enjoy your space.

Secure Your Property         

Fences can help keep the things you want – your children, your pets, and your possessions – in your yard, while keeping unwanted animals or intruders. In addition to being a deterrent to trespassers, fences can reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums, as solid fences can be seen as a ‘security feature,’ similar to a home alarm. Additionally, should your home include features like a pool or trampoline, a fence is critical to reducing outside access to those risks which impacts your premiums as well.                                                       

No matter the reason you’re most excited to fence your residential property, FloriFence can help you navigate the planning, execution, and installation. To learn more about our range of materials, styles and options, contact us today!

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