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The Benefits of Adding a Gate to Your Fence

Fencing comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and gates are not automatically included in installation. You might ask, “Why do I need a gate if I simply want to close off my property?” At FloriFence, we recommend adding a gate to all fencing projects even though they can add additional costs. The benefits are long-term and will make your property more functional in every way. Here’s why: 

You can enclose the entire property. 

If you add an automatic gate, you can fence in your entire property. An automatic gate works like a car garage and can open even when you’re inside. This adds another level of security to your home if you are worried about intruders or vandalism. If you do not already live in a gated community, we recommend this extra level of protection to properties. 

You can offer kids and pets more space to play.

Enclosing the property with a fence and gate allows you the freedom to move in and out of the yard while giving the little ones more space to play. Kids and pets need fully enclosed spaces, but this can limit your yard if you do not install a gate as well. We recommend gates instead of openings in the fence if the client has pets or kids and wants to give them a safe outdoor space to play. 

Curb appeal and added property value.

Openings in fences often make a property look unfinished unless it is strategically designed. By adding a gate with a decorative flair, your property will have added curb appeal. It can also add measurable value to your home if and when it’s time to sell. The minor upfront costs of adding a gate to your fence eventually will pay off with this aesthetic and security enhancement. 

FloriFence offers custom gate designs for all types of fencing. To learn more about our design and installation services, contact us today!

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