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The Benefits of a Driveway Gate

At FloriFence, we offer both fence and gate customization for residences. In many cases, our customers ask about automatic gates for their front yards and driveways. These gate systems allow you to completely close off your property from the outside, adding security and privacy to your home. 

If you’re considering your gate options, an automatic driveway gate may be perfect for your home. Below are just some of the benefits of this design that you should consider before making your decision:  

Enhanced property security

A gated driveway allows you almost complete control of access to your property. This can prevent unwanted parking on your property from neighborhood visitors as well as protect your home from intruders. 

Whole property privacy 

Many homes do not use front yard fencing, as it can obstruct driveway views and reduce curb appeal when not designed correctly. However, FloriFence can help you create a fence that adds privacy to your front yard without obstructing its view. We often recommend aluminum fencing for front yards because it provides some cover without becoming a complete obstruction for drivers or for your front porch. 

Protect children and pets

If you want your children and pets to be able to run free outside, a gated and fenced-in front yard is the perfect way to add to their play space. Fencing in both front and back yards ensures they can’t run into the road, while allowing them some freedom within the bounds of your property. 

Add property value

Gated properties are often considered more valuable, not only for their enhanced security but for the curb appeal. If your fence is properly maintained and has fresh foliage surrounding it, you’ll instantly stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. 

If you’re interested in adding gates to your front or backyard fencing, contact FloriFence today for more information!

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