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Supplies You Need To Care for an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is a beautiful option for both residential and commercial facilities alike. This sturdy, elegant fencing option is used for garden fencing and for stately front entrances. Unlike its lookalike wrought iron, this fencing option is water-resistant and will last almost as long. However, aluminum fencing needs proper care in order to reach the full extent of its service life. 

To care for your aluminum over a lifetime, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Aluminum touch-up paint – If you have a painted or powder-coated aluminum fence, you’ll want to keep some touch-up paint around to correct the occasional scratch. While this is rare with aluminum because of its durability, you’ll want to preserve its color and uniformity the best you can. 
  • Garden hose – For most aluminum fence cleaning, all you’ll need to do is wash it down with a garden hose from top to bottom. By rinsing in this manner, you can prevent streaks of dirt from forming a residue. Washing your fence down with a garden hose a few times a year will keep most of the dirt and debris from forming stains. 
  • Non-acidic cleaner – For tougher stains, you’ll want to use a non-acidic cleaner to gently scrub your aluminum fence. Harsh chemical solvents can wear away at the powder coating, which is why we recommend an all-purpose cleaner. Because aluminum is a low-maintenance fencing option, this is likely all that will be needed to remove even the toughest stains. 
  • Lubricant – Aluminum fencing is rust-resistant, but it can still get stiff after years of use. Store a fencing lubricant or WD-40 in the garage to ensure that if gates or hinges ever get stuck, you can easily lubricate them. 

FloriFence loves aluminum fencing, and we want to help you love yours as well. To learn more about aluminum fencing care and installations, contact us today!

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