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Supplies You Need To Care for a Chain Link Fence

Chain link is one of the more popular fence options for commercial facilities. It is the most affordable option for large properties and is incredibly versatile with the types of gates and security options you can install. Chain link is also popular in residential areas for partial or complete backyard fencing. Though not as aesthetically pleasing as some privacy fences, chain link provides practicality at an affordable price. 

If you’ve recently installed a chain-link fence, you’re in luck. This type of fencing requires minimal maintenance and will stand the test of time. However, you’ll want these supplies to care for it properly and extend its long service life: 

  • Rust-resistant coating – Chain-link fences, depending on the metal used, can rust over time. This is especially common in the summer when the rainy season is worst in Florida. It’s important to apply a rust-resistant coating to your fence at the onset of installation, and keep handy in the garage for future touch-ups. 
  • Garden clippers – A chain link fence’s biggest enemy is overgrowth in the garden. You want to keep any foliage trimmed down to prevent the fence from leaning or warping due to overhang. 
  • Lubricant – Chain link often gets stiff or rusty over the years, which is why a good lubricant is necessary for long-term use. You can check the home improvement store for a specific fence lubricant, or apply WD-40 to joints as necessary. 

These basic supplies will cover most of your chain link maintenance needs. However, if you are ever in need of chain link repairs, FloriFence is only a call away. We believe in lifelong customer service and will always be available to answer your questions or perform repair services for your fencing. To learn more about chain link fencing, contact us today!

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