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Sunshine Season is Here! Turn Your Fenced Space into a Summer Relaxation Spot

Happy first day of summer, Florida! With longer days and even hotter temperatures, our backyards become the perfect spot to relax and unwind. At FloriFence, we specialize in crafting beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, and we’ve got some tips to get you started!

Declutter and Deep Clean:

Before summer fun explodes, take a good look at your yard or fenced-in space. Dedicate a day to landscaping and tidying up. Next, give your fence a thorough cleaning. Depending on the material, you might need a simple hose-down, a power washing, or a good scrub with a cleaning solution. Removing dirt, grime, and cobwebs will instantly brighten your space and make it feel more inviting.

Create Zones for Summer Fun:

Think about how you want to use your fenced-in area. Do you crave relaxation? Do you want a space for entertaining friends and family? Maybe it’s both! Once you have a vision, designate zones for different activities.

Relaxation Retreat: Invest in comfortable outdoor furniture like lounge chairs, a hammock, or a swing. Add some throw pillows and a small table for your favorite drink. String up some fairy lights for a magical ambiance in the evenings.

Entertainment Zone: If you love hosting barbecues, consider a dedicated grilling area with a fire pit. Set up a comfortable seating area for guests, complete with an outdoor rug and shade umbrella. For the kids, add a splash pad, a small inflatable pool, or designate a space for a sandbox.

Privacy and Shade Solutions:

Florida summers are sunny, but sometimes you need a break from the heat. Planting climbing vines along your fence can provide natural shade and improve privacy. Consider adding a retractable awning or a large patio umbrella for adjustable shade coverage.

Spruce Up Your Surroundings: Plants and flowers instantly elevate any outdoor space. Add potted plants around the perimeter, hang planters on your fence, or create a vibrant flower bed. Choose native Florida plants that are low-maintenance and thrive in the sunshine.

Upgrade Your Fence: If your fence is looking a little worse for wear, consider a refresh. FloriFence offers a variety of premium fencing options to suit your style and budget. We can install a brand new fence, or if your current fence is in good condition, we might be able to revitalize it with a fresh coat of paint or stain.

The Finishing Touches: Don’t forget the little details! Add some colorful throw pillows and outdoor rugs to define your designated zones. String up some outdoor lights for evening ambiance. Place citronella candles around the perimeter to keep mosquitos at bay.

With a little planning and effort, you can transform your fenced-in space into a summer haven that your whole family will enjoy. Remember, FloriFence is here to help with all your fencing needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s get your backyard summer-ready!


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