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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Fence

For many Florida residents, the summertime is both the best and worst season of the year. Business will always be booming and there are plenty of reasons to get outside. However, the brutal heat waves and thunderstorms can cause stress on your home, as well as your fencing. For many Florida homes and businesses, the summertime will put new stresses on your outdoor structures which means careful maintenance is necessary. 

If you have a wooden fence on your property, follow these summer maintenance tips to keep it dry and looking fresh into fall: 

Prune and trim your garden plants. 

Summer is the perfect time to spend more time in the garden. However, if you let your plants grow too close to the fence, they can begin to facilitate algae growth and even stain your fence. By pruning your plants near the edges of the fence, you can prevent staining and moisture retention that can hurt your wooden fence. Be sure to also remove grass clippings stuck to your fence after mowing. They can cause discoloration just as garden plants can. 

Restain or repair any areas that show signs of wear.

In Florida, the summer months bring plenty of rain that can cause warping and mold growth on wooden fencing. The easiest way to prevent water damage is by ensuring your wooden fence has a fresh coat of paint or sealant on it to keep moisture away. If your fence is freshly painted or stained, we recommend simply retouching as needed. However, if it has been several years, a fresh coat can help preserve the longevity of your fence for years to come. 

Lubricate hinges and latches. 

During the summer you’ll likely be spending more time outside, which means your fencing could be getting more use. Coupled with the summer showers, your fence’s hinges and latches will experience additional wear and tear over the summer. Be sure to lubricate them as needed to prevent long-term damage and early replacement of parts. 

With these summer maintenance tips, you can ensure your wood fence will reach its maximum service life. If you have any questions about summer maintenance or about starting a new fencing project, contact our offices today!

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