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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Pool Fence

Summer is here, which means your pool is likely the favorite family hangout spot right now. Residential pools can be a wonderful source of relaxation and family fun, but they also pose a safety risk to those with small children or pets in the home. IN order to keep your backyard safe, you need a pool fence surrounding the area. 

If you have a pool fence already, make sure you maintain it throughout the summer months. Below are three tips to help you keep your fence looking great and functioning properly:

Lubricate and repair fence gates. 

Your pool fence not only serves as a barrier for privacy but as a safety precaution for children and pets. If the gates don’t close properly, they are not providing the level of safety necessary for your loved ones. Be sure to regularly check the hinges for signs of wear and tear, and lubricate to ensure gates don’t get stuck when being closed. This is especially important if you have very young children or pets who cannot watch out for their safety independently. 

Reseal or repaint as needed. 

Pool fencing can sometimes lose its color and water resistance more quickly than privacy fencing away from the pool. If your fence is experiencing discoloration or water damage, it may be time to repaint or reseal your fence. This is especially important for wooden fencing that can warp or grow mold if exposed to water for too long. While it’s best to do this in the summertime, Florida can experience unexpected thunderstorms on a regular basis this time of year. Check the forecast to ensure you’ll have a few sunny days in a row before starting a painting project. 

Remove any growing plants or vines on your fence. 

In the summer, your climbing vines and garden foliage will grow much faster, especially around your pool. Be sure to cut this back not only to make pool cleaning easier but to reduce damage to your fence. Climbing vines can put weight on the fence that causes it to lean, and overgrown foliage will cause some fencing to stain (especially wood). While you’re working on your summer lawn care, be sure to give some extra TLC to your pool fencing. 

FloriFence is here to help you make the most of your summer with pool fencing. To learn more about pool fence installation and care, contact us!

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