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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is quickly becoming one of the most popular fence choices for Florida homes. This stately fence option has the same look as wrought iron but is much more affordable and easy to maintain. It is water-resistant, rust-proof, and looks beautiful in home and garden settings. However, just because aluminum is a hassle-free fencing choice, that doesn’t mean you should neglect its care in the summer. 

Whether your aluminum fence is new or has been on your property for years, be sure to follow these three steps for proper summer maintenance: 

Wash regularly

In Florida, the summer is characterized by short bursts of rain followed by longer periods of intense heat. This often accelerates the growth of grass and other plants, which means you’ll be doing more yard work in general until the fall season approaches. After trimming grass or doing other yard work, take some time to wash off your aluminum fencing with a hose. This will prevent dirt and debris from sticking to your fence and causing stains in the future. 

Avoid harsh chemicals

Typically, aluminum fencing is powder-coated to prevent color fading and increase scratch resistance of the outer layers. While this can improve the longevity of your fence, it also limits your choices of cleaners for stains and hard-to-remove spots of dirt. Look for neutral cleaners or make a homemade solution using gentle cleaners such as baking soda to remove stains or dirt from your aluminum. 

Trim vines and other foliage around your fence.

If you have climbing vines on your aluminum fence, it’s important to keep these trimmed back in the summertime. While they may look beautiful, if the vines become overgrown they can cause your aluminum fencing to lean or slowly come out of the ground. Aluminum is much lighter than wrought iron, and cannot hold up the same weight. Plus, vines that are trimmed back will live longer and look better than those that are overgrown. 

FloriFence loves to see homeowners enjoying their new aluminum fencing. For more summer care tips or to learn about aluminum fencing installation, contact us today!

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