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Styles of Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is one of our top-requested fence installations for homes. The regal appearance of wrought iron coupled with its durability makes it an excellent option for a variety of homes and families. However, customers don’t always realize just how many options they have with wrought iron fencing. If you’re interested in this style, talk to your FloriFence contractor about different ways to dress up your fence. 

Below are the top four wrought iron fence styles we install at FloriFence: 

Flat top

Flat top wrought iron is the most simplistic fence style and is very popular for both residential and commercial fencing. It consists of basic pickets with a flat bar at the top to connect the fence around the perimeter. This design is simple but still has the regal look of wrought iron, and is perfect for gardens and terrace fencing. 

Arched top 

Arched top wrought iron is typically styles similar to flat top fencing, but features an arch for the gates or as an accent around the entire fence line. This can dress up wrought iron fencing without making it too ornate, and adds very little cost to the total of your installation. 


Fleur-de-lis patterned fencing is one of the more common embellishments to ornamental wrought iron fencing. It is a French term for “lily flower,” and the wrought iron embellishments are made to resemble flowers and vines. If you are looking for a decorative wrought iron option, this is perfect for you. 


Spearhead pickets on wrought iron fencing instill a sense of security for your property. The sharp edge this style gives is not dangerous but can make your property look more secure and deter animals from trying to climb the fence. 

If you are looking into new fencing styles, contact FloriFence today to schedule a consultation! We can help you find the right wrought iron style and customizations to meet the needs of your property. 

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