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Styles of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the most common type of fence in residential neighborhoods. Its low cost and customization options make it a no-brainer for most families, and at FloriFence we strive to make the best wooden fences for our clients. While wood is the go-to for many homes, you can make your fence stand out with a variety of customization options. Below are the top seven wood designs you can use to customize your fence: 


Picket fencing is a classic, and comes in closed-top (with wood boards connecting the perimeter), level-top (without a topper), or scalloped-top designs. Picket fencing is ideal for front yard fencing or garden fencing where you want a lower fence to provide a better view. 


Similar to picket fencing lattice fencing is a popular ornamental wood design that provides a view into and out of your yard. It is a common design option for gardens as it adds a decorative flair to your trellis. 

Solid/Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for home backyards. You can customize your privacy fence with different toppers, paints, and wood stains and instantly make your home more secure with a solid boundary for the perimeter of your yard. 


Shadowbox fences are similar to privacy fences, but the boards are layered with a gap in between to create a “shadow” effect. While these fences appear solid and offer privacy for your home, the spaces between allow for greater airflow. This is a great advantage in the summertime as the cool breeze can flow through your fence and keep you cool. 


A louvered fence is similar to a privacy fence but the boards are angled slightly to allow for greater airflow and a bit of visibility in and outside the fence. If you want privacy for your yard but with a bit of a window to the outside world, louvered fencing is a great option. 

Split rail 

Split rail fencing is a type of decorative fence often used for gardens and front yards of rustic cottage-style homes. Split rail is a simple fence design that can give your yard a more homey feel, and is relatively cheap to install. 

If you’re interested in learning about all the different types of wood fence design or ways you can customize your existing wood fence, contact the FloriFence team today!

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