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Styles of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is seeing a resurgence in both residential and commercial applications. This rust-resistant alternative to wrought iron can bring an air of sophistication to your yard, especially when paired with trellis vines or other modern landscaping. While most aluminum fencing is styled to look like wrought iron, we offer a variety of styles for you to customize and make into your own. 

Below are the top four aluminum designs for Florida home and commercial fencing:


Traditional aluminum fencing looks similar to wrought iron, with slim posts spaced to provide visibility. Traditional aluminum fencing can be designed with a flat or arched top, and sometimes comes with decorative toppers and gates. 


Rack-style fencing is similar to traditional aluminum designs, but they can be customized to minimize the space between posts. This allows for greater privacy and the security families need to keep children and pets safely inside. Rack-style fencing can also be customized with decorative toppers and gates to suit your personal style. 


Aluminum fencing also comes in solid styles to provide security and privacy for your home. Paneled aluminum fences combine metal frames with metal, glass, or synthetic panels to create an opaque screen. This provides a more modern look than vinyl or wood but all the same privacy as a traditional solid fence. 

Picket style

Most people associate “picket style” fencing with wood, but aluminum fencing without a topper is considered picket style as well. Aluminum pickets have spear or ornamental tops which add style and a natural deterrent for animals to not climb your fence. 

Aluminum is our top choice for metal fencing because of how durable and pretty it can be. If you’re interested in aluminum or other rust-resistant metal fencing, contact your local FloriFence today!

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