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Style Options for Brick Fencing 

Brick fencing is popular for both residential and commercial properties as it is a sturdy and classic privacy fence option. The rustic look of brick adds to the character of your home with minimal effort. Plus, because of its density, brick will stand up to years of wear and tear with minimal repair work necessary. With endless construction options, you can make a brick fence suit your home’s style on a reasonable budget.  

However, before you invest in brick fencing, you should consider the maintenance required and the installation cost compared to other fencing options. Brick fencing is more difficult to install, and therefore can be more expensive and lengthy than other privacy options such as vinyl or wood. Plus, because it is a solid surface, it is prone to algae growth and staining. If you install brick, you should be prepared for some annual maintenance and upkeep. 

If brick is the style you’re set on, consider one of these unique options to make your home stand out in the neighborhood: 

Lattice brick design 

Classic brick fencing is completely solid and can make your home feel closed off from the outside world. While this may be ideal for some backyard settings, it may impede the view of your garden and home’s entrance from the front yard. Lattice fence designs, which leave spacing between bricks, can offer the best of both worlds for your front or backyard fencing.  

Brick garden fencing 

Brick is popular for garden fencing as it won’t be overrun by climbing vines like chain link or aluminum can be. Brick also provides a beautiful backdrop for flowers and shrubs in your backyard, especially when paired with elegant aluminum gates and trellises.  

Brick combinations 

Brick can be used as the pillars for other fence materials such as aluminum, wood, and even vinyl. The brick pillars will add a unique style, but don’t have to take up the bulk of the expense if you’d like a simpler and more traditional fence design.  

FloriFence offers brick, stone, and combination fencing to suit any home or business style. To learn more about how you can customize a brick fence with us, contact our offices today! 

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