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Spring Care and Maintenance: Vinyl

Florida homeowners know that spring can be a tumultuous time for weather. Temperatures will fluctuate sometimes 20 degrees or more in a week, and the rainy season slowly starts to creep in. You never know what the weather will do from one day to the next, which is why it’s so important to be proactive in your home maintenance during this time.

Maintaining your vinyl fencing should be on your spring cleaning list this year. While vinyl fencing is very simple to maintain, it will need some TLC before the summertime hits. Below are a few tips to keep your vinyl fencing in peak condition throughout the spring and summer:

Wash your fencing.

Typically, the only maintenance vinyl fencing will need is a spray with your garden hose. Vinyl fencing is resistant to most water and insect damage. It is also strong enough to withstand most breakage, so with a simple wash every spring you should be all you need to keep it looking beautiful.

Use a magic eraser to remove stains (white fencing only).

While you won’t typically see stains on your vinyl fencing, they can occasionally occur due to grass, pets, or other causes. Some homeowners suggest using a magic eraser to remove grass stains on vinyl fencing. However, this is only suitable for white fencing because magic erasers have small amounts of a bleach-like cleanser that can discolor your powder-coated vinyl fencing.

Remove mildew.

Vinyl is typically resistant to mildew, but that doesn’t mean you can let go of a vigilant eye. Inspect your vinyl fencing for signs of mildew, and if you notice any, contact FloriFence for professional cleaning or replacement of the vinyl immediately.

Be careful with heat sources.

Vinyl fencing will withstand even the most brutal Florida heat, but it can warp if exposed to concentrated heat. Before you set up your grill or firepit for the spring, be sure that you have a spot that is well away from your fencing.

FloriFence provides top-quality vinyl fencing for homeowners and commercial property owners. We help you choose the right vinyl fencing for your property, and ensure you know how to maintain it throughout the seasons. To learn more about vinyl fencing care and maintenance, contact us!

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