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Spring Care and Maintenance: Chain Link

Chain link fencing is one of the most popular fencing options for both residential and commercial facilities. It can be used simply to keep in pets or children, or to provide security for a commercial property when unoccupied. It’s lower cost to install also makes it attractive for budgeted installation projects. However, the reason property owners choose chain link most of all is the simple maintenance routine.

Chain link needs very little maintenance, but it’s important to give it some TLC in the springtime. Florida’s summer months can bring with them brutal and unpredictable weather, which is why it’s best to get maintenance out of the way in the spring. Below are some tips for chain link maintenance you can implement right away to maintain your fence’s longevity and appearance:

Inspect for sharp or raw edges.

Chain link fencing is incredibly durable, but the twisted design can result in sharp edges and raw ends. They can be especially hazardous if you have children or pets running in the backyard, so be sure to look for potential hazards and address them as soon as you find them.

Trim landscaping.

Chain link fencing does not necessarily need to be washed, but you may notice foliage and vines start to grow in it from time to time. Some homeowners choose to do this intentionally with sweet-smelling vines such as star jasmine. However, if you see unwanted vines, bushes, or plants growing up the side of your chain link, cut it quickly before it becomes tangled.

Oil hinges.

If your chain link fencing has a gate, especially if it isn’t used regularly, be sure to oil the hinges in the spring. This will keep them well-lubricated and prevent rusting over time.

Apply a rust-resistant finish.

Florida summers are notorious for heavy rain, which over time can cause rusting on your chain link fence. In order to prevent this, be sure to coat your fence with a rust-resistant finish annually or as your FloriFence installation crew recommends.

FloriFence is here to answer all of your fence maintenance and care questions! We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and will help you keep your chain link looking beautiful for years. To learn more about chain link care and rust-prevention tips, contact our offices today.

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