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Spring Care and Maintenance: Aluminum

Aluminum has grown in popularity for residential fencing applications. This sturdy, elegant fencing option can amplify your curb appeal for an affordable price. However, in order for it to keep its beautiful appearance, you must properly maintain your aluminum fence in the spring.

Florida is known for having rainy and intense summer seasons. Therefore, it is best to take care of your fencing maintenance during the spring before the majority of rain starts to hit. Below are some simple but effective maintenance tips to ensure your aluminum fencing looks great all year long:

Remove algae ASAP.

Aluminum is considered a low-maintenance fencing material because it is typically powder coated for color and shine. While the powder coating does a great job protecting the aluminum from stains, it can deteriorate in the presence of algae. This can cause structural and aesthetic issues, so it’s important to wash off algae if you see it growing in the spring.

Spot clean with soap and water.

Typically you can clean dirt, sand, or landscaping debris with a garden hose. However, smaller grass stains or clinging dirt can be cleaned with soap, water, and a soft sponge. Refrain from using a harsh bristle or steel wool sponges because these can damage the powder coating.

Trim bushes and landscaping.

Aluminum is incredibly lightweight, which is advantageous during installation, but this means it can be warped or uprooted with heavy pressure. If you have large shrubs or tree limbs leaning against your aluminum fencing, you’ll need to trim them immediately. You can also trim unwanted vines and foliage in the spring to maintain the fencing’s appearance.

Inspect hinges and joins.

You may want to oil gate hinges and check for loose bolts in the springtime before the rainy season begins. This will ensure your fencing is in tip-top shape and that gates won’t become stiff during the summer.

These four tips will help you keep your aluminum fencing in tip-top shape. For more information on aluminum fencing maintenance, installation, or other fencing services, contact us!

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