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Six Styles of Wood Fence Edges

Wood fencing is one of the most customizable fence options on the market. Because it is easily cut and shaped to a client’s personal aesthetic, we love using it for both residential and commercial fencing. However, most customers settle on a very basic design because they don’t know what else is available to them. 

If you want to get creative with your fencing, wood is one of the best options for you. Below are the six most common styles of fence edging that can make your fence stand out from the rest: 

Estate/split rail fence

Estate or split rail fencing is the minimalist fencing you see on farms, cabins, or other rustic properties. This fencing is ornamental in most cases unless used for ranch fencing to keep livestock safe. It is a very unique fence style that can look great in suburban areas as well to create a rustic charm for your yard. 

Dog ear fencing

This is the most common edge for fences, as it features a flat top rounded at corners. Dog ear fencing can be picket-style or used for privacy fencing, and is highly practical due to its affordability and minimalist appearance. 


Gothic fence posts feature pointed edges versus the flat top of dog ear fencing. They are considered more decorative and don’t require an ornamental topper or additional trim. 

Arched/scalloped edges

Arched or scalloped fencing creates an ornamental edge over several fence boards, rather than having a decorative feature on each piece of wood. They are more decorative and slightly more expensive because it requires custom carpentry, but can create a striking appearance for your yard. 


Framed fencing features a top horizontal board to make the edge perfectly flat, as opposed to other types of edges that are angled at the top. Framed fencing is a great ornamental option that adds a bit of height to the fence as well. 


Shadowbox styles offer better privacy than picket-style fencing without sacrificing airflow. This is a highly unique style not often found in residential areas, and is slightly more expensive. However, it can make your fence stand out on the block. 

Each wood fence style has its unique pros and cons, so talk to your FloriFence contractor before deciding which is best for you. 

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