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Six Steps to Design a Better Backyard Space

Designing a beautiful backyard takes a lot of hard work and forethought. Transforming an empty lawn into a space where you can play, explore, and entertain requires more than a bit of grass-cutting, but the results are worth it. By investing in your backyard you are investing in the memories you’ll make that can last forever. 

However, planning a backyard design is no easy feat. In order to help jumpstart your summer home improvement project follow these six steps to design a better backyard space: 

Create a wishlist.

Before you begin the concrete planning process, take some time to dream big. Do you want to host bonfires in the fall, or one day install a pool? Think about these dreams as real possibilities so you can work toward your dream backyard. 

Divide your yard into spaces. 

Once you’ve made your wishlist, start thinking about how to incorporate different elements into zones of your backyard. For example, you can make your porch the “entertainment space,” while leaving some flat area as the “play space” for kids/pets. 

Draw a map. 

After the brainstorming session, start drawing out a map of what your yard could look like. Add your different spaces and think about the landscape or hardscape elements that can connect them all. 

Create pathways. 

Between your main elements (pool, play space, firepit, outdoor kitchen, etc.) add landscaping elements or walkways to connect the elements together. This creates a sensible flow to your backyard’s design that will make it feel more cohesive. 

Research your plants. 

Before you fall in love with particular landscaping elements, make sure the plants you want will thrive in the Florida climate and are within your maintenance abilities. You don’t want a high-maintenance garden if you’re looking for a stress-free backyard. 

Add personality. 

After you’ve done your research, it’s time to add a bit of personality to your yard. Add decor elements, hardscape, and other additions to your yard that will make it feel like an extension of your home.

The best way to begin your backyard remodel is by adding fencing to create parameters for your project. To learn about fencing options for your home, contact FloriFence today!

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