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Six Beautiful Front Yard Fence Ideas

Front yard fencing has recently come into the spotlight for home design in suburban areas. Typically, fences are reserved for the backyard only, but as more people want to expand their garden or lay space for children and pets, front yard fencing is seeing a resurgence. 

If you are considering adding a fence to your front yard, there are several considerations to make. First, you want to build a fence that is low enough for people to safely back out of your driveway with full visibility. You also want to create some visibility, as a completely solid front yard fence can make your property look closed off and stick out in the neighborhood. 

Below are our top six favorites for front yard fencing that adds to the curb appeal and security of your home: 

Split rail fencing

Split rail fencing is common for farmyards and rural areas, but it can look great for any cottage or cabin-style home. This rustic design blocks off the boundary lines and adds a country-living charm to your home without blocking the view. 

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is one of the most common fence types for front yards, especially if the front yard is spacious enough for pets. It provides a sleek and modern look while allowing for plenty of visibility. 

Horizontal wood fencing

If you want more privacy for your yard a horizontal fence may be your answer. These fence designs are modern and creative and allow for slightly more privacy in the front yard. However, make sure to build these slightly lower than in the back yard to provide visibility as you’re driving. 

Picket vinyl fencing

Picket fencing is typically constructed from wood, but a vinyl fence looks just as charming and requires much less maintenance to look great for the front yard. Vinyl won’t rot or warp over time, so all you need is an annual cleaning to ensure it looks its best for your front entrance, 

Lattice fencing

Lattice is a popular design option for front yard fencing because it provides enough visibility for driving, and enough of a barrier to keep children and pets out of the street. Lattice fencing can also provide a barrier between you and the street if you want slightly more privacy in the front yard. 

Combination fencing

Instead of just settling on one fence style, why not combine metal and wood for a completely fresh look? Wooden fencing is often paired with metal toppers, gates, or other embellishments to add a unique rustic charm to front yards. This combination can create striking visual appeal and allows you to build a taller fence without creating barriers to visibility. 

FloriFence wants to help you make the best choice for your property. Give us a call today to discuss different options for front yard fencing that suits your needs.

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