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Signs You’re Dealing with Dangerous Yard Pests

In Florida, we deal with a variety of summertime pests that can cause trouble to homeowners. From roaches and rats to squirrels, ants, mosquitoes, and more, these unwanted guests can cause severe damage to your property. They also spread disease, eat through wood and wires, and will inevitably cause damage to your outdoor hardscape. As your fencing specialists, it is our job to help protect you from the creepy crawlies that can damage outdoor elements. 

The most common house pests in south and central Florida include roaches, rats, mosquitoes, carpenter ants, and squirrels. While some of these can cause more damage to fencing than others, it’s important to keep your yard pest-free for many reasons:

  • Lawn pests will eat plants and cause damage to trees
  • During hot or cold spells, backyard pests will invade the home for shelter
  • Pests can spread disease to your family, including pets
  • Pests will deteriorate the home structure and value over time

Below are some of the most common signs of backyard pests in Florida: 

  • Leaf damage to backyard plants
  • Mounds and tunnels in the yard
  • Wood damage (including piles of sawdust, as these can be a sign of carpenter ants)
  • Fleas or ticks on your pet’s coat (if there is one kind of bug, there may be many)
  • Scratching sounds at night

If you notice any of these signs of pest invasions, it’s best to call a professional extermination team. Depending on the pests present in your home, your exterminator will recommend both indoor and outdoor solutions. Be sure to ask them about outdoor-safe pest prevention solutions to protect your fencing and home from exterior damage. 

We want to make sure you have a safe and long-lasting fence, but pests can get in the way of this. For fencing questions and repair troubleshooting, contact your FloriFence team today!

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