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Signs Your Fence Is in Need of Repair

Fencing is relatively low maintenance for most homes and facilities. With the occasional cleaning, your fence will last up to 20 years depending on its material and location. However, there are some cases in which fencing should be repaired to prevent premature replacement. At FloriFence, we recommend home or business owners schedule a fencing repair if they notice these four signs: 

Dirt and mildew 

Fencing should be pressure washed every few months to prevent excess dirt buildup. This can cause structural issues later on down the line if you don’t keep up with your maintenance. Mildew is typically a sign of deeper issues such as improper water drainage, but can also be easily repaired with proper treatment and cleaning. Be sure to remove mold and mildew on wooden fencing quickly, or else it can get out of hand. 

Flaking paint

Flaking paint not only looks unfortunate but leaves your fencing exposed to the elements. Paint and powder coatings are often used to protect the underlying material, so you should always keep up the paint job with fresh coats as necessary. This does not need to be done often, but if you notice chips or flakes, schedule a fence painting service soon. 


Splintering is often caused by the wearing of the protective coating, water damage, or in some cases damage from pests. The first step to prevent this is to redirect any pooled water away from your fencing. This will stop any water damage and also deter pests from the area. You can fix mild splintering with wood putty or another sealant, but this may require a fresh coat of paint or the replacement of badly damaged boards. 

Warped board

A warped wooden board is difficult to repair, but can sometimes be done with specialized tools. Talk to your FloriFence team to determine whether it is best to repair the warped board with a straightener, or if you should replace the board entirely. 

As a rule of thumb, if 20% or more of the fence is damaged, you should consider replacing the entire fence. However, we will always do our best to repair the fencing and save our customers money if possible. To learn more about fencing repair and replacement costs, contact your local FloriFence team today!

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