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Should You Build A Temporary Fence At Your Facility?

At FloriFence, we typically work on long-term fencing solutions for residential and commercial buildings. However, as a well-rounded fencing company, we also offer more temporary solutions for short-term security. Commercial buildings undergoing new construction or renovations often build short-term security fences to protect their work-in-progress. 

You may not think you need a temporary security fence, but if your building is going through renovations, this solution can save you a great deal of money and hassle. There are two primary reasons you’ll want to build one: theft protection and liability. If anyone tries to steal equipment from your worksite or if anyone were to accidentally wander onto your job site and get injured, you’ll be the one paying out of pocket to ameliorate the situation. 

Construction sites are welcome places for squatters to set up shop at night, and for not-so-honest construction workers to steal supplies. Expensive tools, lumber, or other materials may be left overnight, and without a temporary fence, you could be the victim of theft. By installing a temporary chain link fence you can deter any criminal activity from happening at your job site. 

Building a temporary fence can also save you from liability issues if someone gets hurt on the job site while the workers aren’t there. If you don’t have a fence, any passerby could easily walk onto your job site and potentially get injured. If you have a fence, you’re setting a clear boundary for where people can and cannot go. This will also protect facility employees who must navigate the building while construction is still happening. 

Chain link is typically the best option for temporary fencing. This affordable material will keep most people out and is as easy to professionally tear down as it is to set up. You can also use simple wire fencing for a cheap and reusable temporary fencing option. To learn more about temporary fencing alternatives, contact your local FloriFence team today!

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