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Should I Install Or Use Temporary Fencing For My Business?

The installation process for commercial spaces is much trickier than it is for your home. The permitting, design, and land coverage can be more complex, as well as the choice of material to ensure the property is suitable over several tenants. Because of this, many commercial facilities opt for temporary fencing if they need a fence option in a short period of time. 

Temporary fencing is useful for events, construction sites, and many other applications. However, it can never replace installed fencing for commercial facilities that need privacy or security. If you’re thinking about installing a permanent fence, this is what you should consider with your FloriFence contractor: 

What is the purpose of your fence?

The purpose of your fencing is the first consideration people make when choosing between temporary or permanent fencing. If you plan to build fencing in the future, the best time to invest is now. However, we don’t recommend rushing into this decision. If you need fencing ASAP but aren’t sure about your long-term goals, choose temporary fencing until you can consider all of your options for the facility. 

Does your property have ample security? 

Permanent fencing is a great investment for facilities that lack security. Even with cameras, you can’t prevent vandalism or break-ins without a strong barrier between your facility and the outside world. This is especially important if your building is closed for long periods of time. 

What is your budget?

If you have it in your budget now to build permanently, we recommend installing a fence rather than investing in a temporary one. Temporary fencing is not as sturdy or durable and cannot provide a replacement for installed fencing. If you need fencing now but don’t have it in your budget, try to work around the issue until you can invest in the fence you want. 

Will fencing provide ancillary benefits such as noise reduction or privacy for your property?

Even if you don’t need fencing for your property, it may be well worth the investment if it will improve the function of your facility or experience for tenants. Facilities with a lot of noise pollution, those that are open, or those that are close to the street may benefit from fencing to create a more private and enclosed space. 

Do you need fencing for different objectives in the future? 

Temporary fencing can be a great investment if you have several construction projects in the future, or if you have regular events at your facility. Fencing that can be repositioned is a great asset for any type of dynamic commercial property where the demands of the space change frequently. 

FloriFence offers both temporary and installed fencing options for businesses throughout Central Florida. To learn more about your options or to schedule an estimate, contact our offices today!

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