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Should I install my own fence or hire a contractor?

If you’re a home improvement enthusiast, you may be tempted to install new fencing on your own. You can feasibly buy the supplies from the local hardware store, and install them within a day or two’s work. However, even the most skilled hobbyist might hit some bumps in the road when installing a fence on their own.

There are several reasons why choosing a fencing contractor is worth the investment. At FloriFence, we strive to create affordable prices so that you don’t have to choose between staying under budget and getting the job done professionally. Below are three reasons why we always recommend professional installation for residential or commercial fencing:


Installing a fence is not as easy as nailing the fence posts together. You must prepare the ground, measure, build both the posts and the rails, and often complete complex tasks like installing a gate. This is a lot more work than the average homeowner wants to take on, especially if they have not built a fence previously. Choosing a trusted contractor takes out the guesswork and ensures you get the fence you want.

Time and cost

Hiring a professional contractor will save you a great deal of time in the installation process. A contractor’s experience and larger team will help them to complete the project in a shorter timeframe than homeowners can do themselves. Plus, you may end up saving money because contractors are less likely to make costly mistakes, and you won’t have to purchase specialized tools for fencing installation.

Service guarantee

If you install fencing yourself, you will be solely responsible for the work done. However, if you hire a professional and something goes wrong in the installation, they are there to fix it. FloriFence offers a one-year service guarantee for all projects so you can simply sit back and enjoy your new fence with confidence.

FloriFence makes fencing installation hassle-free. To learn more about our services and available products, contact us!

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