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Should I Fence In My Waterfront Property?

In Florida, we are lucky to have beautiful waterfront property both for residential areas and as public access. Florida beaches are one of the primary reasons to move to Tampa, so it makes sense you want to maintain the best view of them. However, there are many reasons why you may want to add a fence to your home, from keeping kids and pets safe to keeping waterfront wildlife such as alligators out of your backyard. 

So, is it best to build a fence and change your waterfront view, or to leave the yard unfenced and made with a less-than ideal property layout? Below we’ll examine the pros and cons of adding a waterfront fence to your property, and offer solutions that won’t sacrifice safety or aesthetic appeal for your home: 

Fencing can make your property safer. 

One of the primary benefits of installing a fence is that it adds an extra level of security and safety to your property. Waterfront properties can pose risks to children and pets who may enter the water unattended, or be greeted with saltwater wildlife that is potentially dangerous. Keeping them safe should be a first priority, which is why we often recommend fencing for all properties regardless of their location. 

Fencing will change your view (but not as bad as you think).

If you add a fence around your waterfront property, it’s true that you won’t have a pristine view of the beach or lake anymore. However, waterfront fencing is legally required to be shorter, not only for ecological safety but to ensure the property does not lose its value. A four-foot fence is typically all you need to keep kids and pets safe and does not detract from your back porch view as much as a six-foot fence. Plus, most waterfront properties are built above the average storm surge level, so you should be able to see above your fencing from at least one point of your home. 

Your fence can add property value (if designed right). 

Many people think that building a fence around a waterfront property will detract from its value. However, we believe that with the right design and materials, your fence can enhance your curb appeal even if you have a waterfront view. You can use rust-resistant aluminum, vinyl, or another water-resistant fencing material to make your property safer as well as contain your pool with an added layer of security. If garden trellises or a decorative gate or arbor are added, your property will look even better with a fence than it did before. 

FloriFence can help you design a perfect fence for your waterfront property. Give us a call today to learn about your design options and installation times.

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