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Should I Fence in a Large Property?

At FloriFence, we almost always recommend suburban homeowners and small business owners fence in their properties. If you have a smaller property there is no reason to not invest in added privacy and security. However, if you live on a rural property with acres and acres of land to protect, the choice to fence it in is not so cut and dried. 

If you are considering fencing in a large rural or commercial property, consider these three factors before planning your project: 

You’ll gain better privacy and security

The primary reason homeowners install fencing is to increase the level of privacy and security on their property. On a large property – where you can’t even see the boundaries of your land – adding a fence can help prevent accidental trespassing and other security issues for your land. You can also fence in the portion that is most frequently accessed to protect the home and provide a secure play area for children and pets. 

Keep wildlife at bay

Fencing can be both a pro and con in this aspect. While you will deter dangerous animals with fencing, you won’t have deer and other beautiful wildlife on your property as often. If you chose to move to a rural area for this benefit, fencing may not be ideal for you. 

Expensive installation

If you choose to fence in your entire property for security purposes, you can expect to pay more than your suburban friends do for their fencing. While you can help lower the costs by choosing certain fence designs or materials, you should budget in advance to prepare for the extensive installation required. 

FloriFence offers a variety of options for large properties to fence in their land safely and affordably. To learn more about our fencing options, give us a call today!

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