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Should I Add a Porch Railing That Matches My Fence?

Most homeowners build fencing for practical reasons – they want to enhance security on their property or keep their children and pets safely within the confines of the backyard. However, adding style to function is what makes a FloriFence installation stand out from the rest. We create unique looks for clients that often incorporate other elements of the home’s style. One of the best ways to do this is to match your fence to your front porch railing. 

Porch railing also serves a practical purpose. It helps to prevent accidental falls off a raised porch and provides hand support for stairs or ramps. However, one of its primary benefits is to enhance the architectural style of your home. If you want your home’s exterior to truly stand out from the rest, you should match your fence and porch railing in the same style and material.

Creative Porch Railing Ideas

  • Wood – Wood porch railings are a classic look, and can easily match a front yard picket fence or a backyard privacy fence. For best results, install these at the same time so you can get the exact same wood and toppers for both fence and porch. Be mindful, however, that wood railing, like wood fencing, will not last as long as metal or vinyl. 
  • Metal and glass – Glass porch screens with metal railing can create a beautiful view and safety feature for a tall or second-story porch. If you have a porch that faces the waterfront, glass may be an ideal option as it is waterproof and won’t obstruct your incredible view. However, they will require regular cleaning to prevent finger marks and smudges. 
  • Sawn Balusters Railing – This type of Victorian porch railing adds a creative flair to your front porch that will make it stand out from the rest. However, the intricate details can look overly ornate or forced on more modern homes. Look for a style that matches the architectural elements of your home for best visual results. 

FloriFence can help you find the perfect fence to go with your porch railing at an affordable price. To learn how you can match these two home elements, contact us today for a consultation. 

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