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Pros & Cons of Cable Fencing

Cable fencing is an uncommon but highly practical fencing type for a variety of needs. Cable fencing can be used for modern residential fencing, commercial barriers, and even agricultural or livestock fencing. However, it isn’t suitable for every application and should be thoroughly researched before installation. If you are interested in building a cable fence for your property, here’s what you need to know first. 

Pros of Cable Fencing

Cable fencing is a type of minimalist metal fencing made of taut cables between metal or wood fence posts. This type of fencing creates a simple barrier that creates clear boundaries without obstructing one’s view. It can also be used to keep large animals contained. It is a great option if you’re looking for: 

  • A fence with a view – Cable fencing is basically see-through, which makes it ideal for scenic porches or large open spaces where you want to preserve the view while constructing your fence. 
  • A modern appearance – Cable railing can be used for both residential and commercial properties to create a more modern, edgy appearance for patios, decks, and boundary fencelines. 
  • An affordable fence – Because cable railing is a minimalist design, it is typically cheaper than installing solid wood, vinyl, or metal fence. 

Cons of Cable Fencing

While cable fencing can be an ideal solution for some property owners, it isn’t suitable for all applications. Below are some of the reasons why we may not recommend cable railing for your backyard or commercial property: 

  • Cables can discolor over time – Cable fencing, like other types of metal, can fade or change colors over time due to exposure. While you can’t paint over the discoloration easily, you can replace cables or invest in water-resistant metal in order to prevent discoloration early on. 
  • They will loosen with age – Cable railing will loosen over time, especially if animals or children climb on it over the years. While this can be fixed, it’s important to keep in mind the maintenance required for this type of fencing. 
  • Some pets can get through cable railing – If you’re building a fence for pets, cable railing may not be ideal. Depending on how taut the cables are, pets may be able to slip through the rails and escape your yard. This should be taken into consideration if you have pets who are small or who frequently get through fencing. 

FloriFence offers a variety of metal fencing types, from cable railing to aluminum, wrought iron, and everything in between. If you’re interested in learning about different metal fence options for your property, give us a call today!

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