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Pros and Cons of Ornamental vs Security Fencing For Homes

FloriFence works with all kinds of homeowners to build their dream fence for their backyards. Some homeowners want a beautiful, stately aluminum fence to show off their gardens, while others want a solid vinyl or wooden fence to give themselves privacy or to keep their pets safely inside the yard. Typically, we divide these customer needs into ornamental fencing and security fencing, which helps us to offer the best products for their next installation. 

The Difference Between Ornamental and Security Fencing

For our purposes, ornamental fencing is any type of fence that either has gaps between posts or is too short to prevent trespassing. ALuminum fencing and picket fencing are the most common fence types in this category and are used to fence in gardens, front yards, and other areas of the home that don’t need an added layer of security. 

Chain link, vinyl, and wood, therefore are the most common types of security fencing and do a great job of keeping kids and pets inside and intruders out. Security fencing can be used for safety, to prevent burglary, or to keep wildlife from outside your yard and gardens. 

Pros of Ornamental Fencing

Some homeowners believe that ornamental fencing is not worth the cost, but there are several reasons we recommend fencing even if your home does not need security fencing: 

  • Fencing provides a place for climbing vines to grow to enhance your garden appeal
  • Ornamental fencing can create a more stately appearance for homes
  • Ornamental fencing provides a clear property boundary without blocking your view

Cons of Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing adds aesthetic value to your property, but if your fence is too low or has too much spacing between rails, it may fail to meet some of your needs as a homeowner: 

  • Ornamental fencing is not recommended for pools or pet fencing
  • Ornamental fencing will not deter burglars or vandals
  • Ornamental fencing is easy for wildlife to climb or jump over

Pros of Security Fencing 

Security fencing, such as wood, vinyl, and chain link, can make your home a safer and more practical place to live: 

  • Security fencing keeps children and pets safely inside your yard
  • Security fencing can adequately deter burglars, vandals, and wildlife
  • Security fencing typically provides greater privacy for your home

Cons of Security Fencing

Not every home needs security fencing to keep it safe. If you don’t want a solid fortress around your home, you may consider ornamental fencing instead because: 

  • Security fencing may block your view
  • Security fencing does not look as delicate or stylized as ornamental fencing
  • Security fencing will require more maintenance 

Choosing a fence style is about much more than aesthetic value or practicality. You must consider both needs in order to effectively communicate to your FloriFence contractor and choose the right fence for you. To learn more about your fence options, give us a call or schedule a consultation.

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