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Pros and Cons of No Dig Fencing

In recent years, our team has noticed a new trend that has been sweeping across Florida homes and backyards: no-dig fencing. This DIY, pre-made fence option makes it easy for new and busy homeowners to easily install a new fence without the hassle of creating a cement foundation or waiting on an installation crew. And, for the most part, we see no issues in these no-dig fences being ideal barriers for small backyards and suburban homes. 

However, like any other pre-made fence design, these no-dig options are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Before you invest in no-dig fencing from us or another home improvement retailer, there are some important factors you need to consider. 

No-dig fencing works by hammering in fence posts deep into the ground rather than digging a place for the posts and solidifying them with concrete. This process is fast and easy, but may not be the best solution for every home. Here’s why: 

Pros of No-Dig Fencing 

  • It’s easy to install, and therefore less time-consuming
  • It creates minimal impact on your backyard because you don’t have to dig or add concrete underneath the ground. 
  • It is easy to change out over time (rather than digging up fence posts and cement, you simply pull it up and replace the panels). 

Cons of No-Dig Fencing

  • It’s less sturdy than traditional fencing because there is no concrete foundation. 
  • There are very few options for privacy fencing in this style. Most are picket-style or something similar, as privacy fencing needs a sturdier foundation to last over time. 
  • Pre-made fencing does not allow you to customize the length, slope, or other design elements of the fence

Pre-made fencing has become especially popular after Hurricane Ian because of its quick installation process, which has helped homeowners get back to normal more quickly. However, if you can’t find the options you like or are concerned about the fence’s longevity, it may be best to contact FloriFence for professional installation. 

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