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Pros and Cons of Low Fencing

Privacy fencing is incredibly popular in residential areas, but only because many homeowners don’t consider low fencing when they install their fences. Picket-style fencing, lattice garden fencing, trellises, and waterfront fencing can all be great additions to your home with the right customized design. If you’re considering a shorter fence (4’ or below), here’s what you need to consider with your contractor: 

Low fencing provides a great view.

Shorter fences don’t obstruct your view as much, nor will they obstruct other people’s views of your front yard. If you have a beautiful garden you want to show off or an impressive view you want to enjoy, shorter fencing is a better option. This is especially important if you have a waterfront property, where higher fences are not allowed in most residential areas. 

Low fencing provides less privacy. 

If you have a pool, a backyard where kids play, or simply want some extra privacy in your outdoor space, low fencing typically doesn’t cut it. You’ll want at least six feet of height to ensure that most of your yard is hidden from ground-level homes. 

Low fencing is best for front yards. 

There are many reasons you don’t typically see privacy fencing in front yards. Most people want to show off the front of their homes and enjoy the view from the front porch, making a privacy fence highly impractical. Plus, higher fencing can be a driving hazard when pulling out of the driveway. 

Low fencing won’t keep intruders or animals out. 

If you have a vegetable garden and want to keep deer, raccoons, rabbits, and other hungry wildlife out, low fencing is not your best option. Privacy fencing such as solid wood or vinyl will do best to keep unwanted animals, as well as potential human intruders out of your yard. 

Low fencing is a unique stylistic choice. 

One of the primary reasons people choose low fencing is because of its unique stylistic charm. Low fencing gives your home a cozy cottage look that is very popular for coastal homes and gardens. If you like the look of picket, lattice, or low aluminum fencing, give FloriFence a call to discuss your options. 

FloriFence offers a variety of fence styles and custom design options to create your ideal home fencing. To learn more about fence heights, styles, and installation, contact us today!

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