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Pros and Cons of Lattice Fencing

Have you ever considered lattice fencing for your home or business storefront? This stylish option has been around for decades and never loses its style or versatility. However, this is not the fencing option best suited for everyone. Before you choose lattice for your property, you should learn about its form, function, and various benefits. 

Lattice fencing is a specific style of fencing made from wood, plastic, or vinyl. Slats of fencing are fastened together in a criss-cross pattern to offer space between the posts and a stylish appearance. It is a classic form of fencing used for hundreds of years and continues to grow in popularity throughout the U.S. 

These fences are mostly decorative, but they can add some level of privacy and security to your home. This can be obtained if you allow vines to grow on your lattice fence. Not only will the greenery complement this vintage style, but it can provide more privacy for taller lattice fencing. 

Lattice fencing is customizable in several ways. You can use a variety of materials including wood and vinyl, and each of these can be painted in a variety of colors to match your home’s style. Lattice fencing is commonly shooter than traditional fencing, but the height of this style is up to the homeowner. 

One of the most important benefits of lattice fencing is cost savings. Because there is less material to work with and because many lattice fencing options are premade, they are typically more affordable than solid wood or vinyl fencing. While the exact pricing for different lattice fence options differs, it is possible to save in material and labor costs when choosing this option. 

The only downside to lattice fencing is the visibility it provides for others outside your property. It is not an ideal fence for privacy or security because of lattice fencing’s lower height and pattern. However, this should not deter homeowners who are looking for a sophisticated fence to decorate their front yard. 

FloriFence offers custom wood and vinyl fencing in all types of patterns and styles. If you are interested in lattice fencing or any other custom fence options, contact our team today to receive a quote and consultation!

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