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Pros and Cons of Horizontal Plank Fences

Horizontal plank fences are increasingly popular for residential fencing. These stylish alternatives to traditional wood fencing make your home stand out among the crowd. When using a high quality wood like cedar or pressure-treated pine, your wood fencing can look just as sophisticated as a wrought iron or stone fence. Plus, these types of wooden fences really complement Florida gardens with their natural beauty and aesthetic backdrop to a variety of flowers and shrubs. 

However, horizontal plank fences are not for everyone. This bold style can sometimes be too much for certain style homes. Before you make the decision to install one, it’s important to talk to your FloriFence contractor about a variety of style options. 

Pros of Horizontal Plank Fences

  • Horizontal plank fences can outlast vertical plank fences because they are not in direct contact with the ground (therefore reducing water damage)
  • Horizontal planks provide more privacy because they require almost no space between the boards
  • Horizontal planks are easier to slope with the natural topography of the landscape. Vertical planks look jagged and unnatural on sloped land, while horizontal planks will flow seamlessly over shallow valleys and hills. 
  • Horizontal plank fences look more modern than traditional fences, but still complement a rustic or natural aesthetic. The metal accents can also add to a more expensive and modern look.

Cons of Horizontal Plank Fences

  • Because it is so modern, horizontal fences can stand out in an older neighborhood with historic, cottage, or farmhouse style. 
  • Not all HOAs will allow vertical fencing (as most HOAs require fencing to match). 
  • Horizontal fencing can make your home look shorter if it is single-story. While it will accent how spacious your yard is, it can look awkward with farmhouse-style homes or single-story complexes.

Fencing style is a very personal choice, so take your time and ask the advice of your FloriFence contractor if you’re unsure. We can help you make a decision that meets the needs of your home and your budget. 
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