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Pros and Cons of Fencing for Waterfront Properties

FloriFence works with many waterfront property owners to build fencing around their beautiful homes. While you may not often see fencing around a waterfront or beach home because of the terrain or the desire to keep the view unobstructed, there are many reasons why you may want to consider it. Before you decide to build or not build a fence, consider each of the pros and cons of fencing for your waterfront property: 

Pros of Fencing for Waterfront Properties

We often don’t see fences for waterfront properties, especially if the backyard leads directly to the water. Sometimes fencing is used for the front yard or along property boundaries, but there are many reasons to construct a new fence that doesn’t have to do with privacy from neighbors. 

  • Keep visitors away from your private beach. Depending on the location of your waterfront property, you may have private access to certain parts of the beach or shore of a lake. However, that won’t necessarily stop people from wandering onto your property to enjoy the view. Fencing provides a clear boundary between your property and public beach access so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted guests. 
  • Allow safer play for pets and children. One of the reasons homeowners install fencing is to create a safe place for children and pets to play outside. If you have a waterfront property, they could be at risk outside of slipping and falling into the water, or getting into trouble with the wildlife. Having a fenced-in yard provides the security you need to ensure your family is safe. 
  • Keep wildlife at bay. Florida’s natural wildlife is surreal and awe-inspiring but can be equally dangerous if it makes its way to your backyard. Alligators are known for inhabiting lakes and rivers near suburban areas because of the bountiful opportunities for food – including your trash and small pets. This is seriously dangerous, and a fence can help you keep your family and property safe from these creatures. Other wildlife such as deer, snakes, and black bears are also less likely to visit you if your property has a privacy fence. 

Cons of Fencing for a Waterfront Property

While fencing in your backyard can be beneficial, there are several reasons why some homeowners choose to only fence in their front yards or between property boundaries. Below are some reasons you may want to limit your fencing for a waterfront property: 

  • Obstructing the view. Most people choose a waterfront property because of the incredible view it provides. Most of us can only enjoy the beaches while on vacation, but Floridians have the unique opportunity to live a beach lifestyle 365 days a year. If you want that beautiful view to be enjoyed without a fence to look over, consider fencing in only your front yard and property borders. 
  • Decreased property value. Fencing in your waterfront property in a way that obstructs the waterfront view can decrease the property value somewhat, or cause problems when you’re ready to sell. If the next buyers don’t want the fencing, you may have to tear it down or convince them otherwise in order to get a fair price. However, shorter fencing such as picket fences can help reduce the likelihood of these problems later on. 
  • Increased fencing maintenance. If your property is near the ocean, the saltwater can cause problems for wood and some metal fencing. Your fence will also need to be cleaned more often than homes that are not on the water. We recommend choosing waterproof fencing for this reason, such as vinyl or aluminum, in order to cut down on maintenance costs. 

Fencing for your waterfront property is an individual choice, and there are plenty of options when you work with FloriFence. We can help you eliminate dangers for kids and pets while retaining the beautiful view that made you choose the property in the first place. To learn more about our fencing options, contact our offices today!

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