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Pros and Cons of Construction Careers

At FloriFence, our fence installation specialists are no strangers to hard work. In order to build custom fencing with exceptional quality every time, our teams use years of experience and many hours of hard labor to achieve our client’s ideals. However, when the work is done, our installation crews take satisfaction in knowing they are earning an honest living and are helping residents across Tampa Bay feel safer in their homes. 

Construction jobs, in general, are incredibly rewarding, but come at a cost. If you’re interested in joining the FloriFence team or another construction job, here’s what you need to know first: 

The Pros of Construction Jobs

If you’re interested in learning to build fences or enter another construction industry job, you’ll enjoy the following benefits: 

  • You don’t have to get a college degree to be successful in construction
  • You’re providing a tangible benefit to customers, making your work life more meaningful
  • Construction jobs offer competitive pay, especially when taking into consideration the low cost of education in most fields
  • The construction industry is in desperate need of workers, which means you’ll be entering a job seeker’s market 
  • Your job will keep you physically fit
  • You can dress and present yourself the way you wish – you won’t be required to hide tattoos or wear dress pants every day to work
  • You can one day own your own business and set your own hours

The Cons of Construction Jobs

While the construction industry offers a great deal of flexibility, forward movement, and great pay, it is not the career for everyone for these reasons: 

  • The work is very physically demanding
  • Most construction workers have to work long hours and some weekends
  • On-the-job injuries and long-term health complications from physical labor are not uncommon
  • Most construction workers will need to retire or advance their careers to something less physical after a few decades 
  • Remote work is not possible
  • Construction work can be harder for women to get into (but not impossible)

At FloriFence, we are always looking for hardworking and qualified workers to join our fence installation and customer service teams. If you’re interested in what this industry can offer you, give us a call today!

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