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Pros and Cons of Assembled vs. Stick Built Fencing

When installing a new wood or vinyl fence, you have many different options to consider. What type of material is right for you/ What about color? How long will installation take, and can I afford the fence I want? Most of these questions automatically come to mind, but less often clients consider whether they should install a stick-built or assembled fence. 

A stick-built fence is what most people envision: it’s a fence that is installed one fence post at a time to conform to the terrain and specific design of the property owner. However, assembled fences are a popular DIY option that can be advantageous in certain situations. Below are some of the pros and cons of each to help you make a more informed decision: 

Assembled fencing


  • Assembled fencing is quicker to install
  • Assembled fencing can be cheaper both in material cost and installation
  • Measurements between fence posts are uniform and precise every time
  • Features an indistinguishable look from stick-built if installed properly


  • Is not practical for use on sloped or uneven terrain
  • Is more difficult to customize along the property line
  • Fewer design and color options are available
  • Typically less sturdy at joints than stick-built fencing

Stick-build fencing


  • Completely customizable in design, color, and material used
  • Can easily be installed along uneven terrain or difficult property lines
  • Higher-quality installation means your fence will last longer
  • Has a better aesthetic flow with your property because it’s custom-built


  • Is more time-consuming and expensive to install
  • Inconsistencies in fence post height and spacing can occur 
  • Not ideal for DIY projects

In general, we prefer the stick-built approach because of the flexibility it provides for clients. Most homes are not built on completely flat ground, which means a stick-built approach is usually the best. However, we can install assembled fencing with the same precision for detail and finesse as a stick-built fence. If you are interested in either of these options, contact us today!

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