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Privacy, Picket, or Split Rail? Which Wood Fence Design is Right for You

At FloriFence, we truly love wood fencing. It is ideal for Florida homes as it brings a natural look and feel that can enhance the beachy atmosphere of your home. It is also sustainable over time if properly maintained. WHile wood fencing does require more care than vinyl or metal fencing, there is nothing like a natural wood grain and the customizable options available with this type of fencing. 

However, there is more than one way to build a wood fence. Below are the most common wood fence designs, and the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is right for you:

Privacy wood fence

A privacy fence is built with solid panels to block as much of the view from outside the property boundaries. These are ideal if you have a pool, pets, or simply want strong security against the outside world. 


  • Provides both privacy and security for your home
  • Meets requirements for pool fencing
  • Will keep pets and children safe
  • Suitable for most HOA requirements


  • More expensive than minimal wood designs
  • Requires additional maintenance to prevent rotting
  • Is more expensive to repair and replace
  • Does not allow you to see out, or for passersby to see your beautiful home and garden

Picket fence

Picket fencing is a classic among American homes and the second–most common wood fencing type. The cut of picket fencing makes it more attractive to some homeowners than simple privacy fencing, and is often built short enough to provide a view into your yard. 


  • Shorter fencing allows for a view into your property
  • More decorative than privacy fencing
  • Can be pre-constructed which is more affordable


  • Shooter fencing doesn’t provide privacy or security
  • Is more easily escaped by children and big dogs 
  • Can look outdated with more modern home designs

Split-Rail fence

While less common, split rail fencing is an excellent decorative fence for cottage and cabin-style homes. It mimics paddock fencing and creates a unique southern charm for your home. 


  • Stylish for historic or cabin-style homes
  • Minimalist design is highly affordable
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Minimal maintenance is required compared to other wood fencing options


  • Not suitable for all home styles
  • Provides no privacy or security
  • Will not contain children or dogs

If you are interested in wood fencing for your home, contact FloriFence today! We offer a variety of wood options and paint colors to make your fencing truly unique and stylish.

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