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Privacy Hacks for an Urban Home

In an urban neighborhood, it can be difficult to get a break from your neighbors. Many homes are built close together to maximize space, and at times it can seem as if you’re living with your neighbors rather than next to them. However, this is not ideal for the average family. Most of us want space, and if you invest in the right additions to your home, you can get it even in a dense urban area. 

If you want to get some privacy in your home and backyard, there are a few simple hacks you can try to get some distance between you and your neighbors: 

Window Tint

If your home is close enough to your neighbors that you can see through each other’s windows easily day-to-day, you may consider adding a tint to your windows. This allows you to enjoy your view while preventing peering eyes from across the street. 

Garden Trellis

Is your fence a bit bare for your taste? If you love your minimalist fence but wish you had some more privacy, consider growing a climbing vine along the top to create a trellis effect simply and affordably. 

Tall Hedges

If your current fence isn’t tall enough to block the neighbors’ view, you can compensate by adding hedges to the border of your backyard. This can create greater height without having to reinstall fencing and is easy to trim down if you ever want less privacy in the future. 

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo makes an excellent natural fence, as it grows in dense patches that reach up to 10+ feet. While this will create a very tall barrier, it can be useful for blocking off the view in your backyard or to create a boundary between your property and a wooded area. 

Privacy Fence

The best way to create privacy for your home is to build a privacy fence in your backyard. Privacy fencing can be made with wood, metal, or vinyl, and is easy to install in most residential areas. Plus, you can customize your privacy fence to match the color, style, and gate you want. 

If you’re interested in building a new privacy fence for your urban home, contact FloriFence today to get started!

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