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Preparing Your Florida Backyard for Fall

As fall fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking about autumn landscaping and fence care. Florida is blessed with a mild winter compared to its intense summers. However, that doesn’t mean that winter is an entirely maintenance-free time of year for your backyard. If you want your landscaping and fence to sustain through the cold months, you should take a few steps to preserve them until springtime. 

Preparing for Autumn in Florida

Cooler temperatures, low humidity, and fewer mosquitoes make autumn the perfect time for landscaping in Florida. While you may have struggled to keep up with weekly lawnmowing or gardening in the peak of summertime, the temperatures will be cooling off by fall, and you can invest more time into your backyard. Below are a few things to do while taking advantage of the cooler autumn months: 

  • Repaint your fence – It can be difficult to paint your fence in the summertime not only because of the heat but because the weather can be so unpredictable. You need several days of sunshine in order to let the paint dry, which can be hard to predict in the middle of hurricane season. Wait until November to paint or stain your fence for best results. 
  • Start prepping the soil for spring – During the winter, the soil may harden and won’t receive as much moisture as in the summertime. You’ll want to use this time to aerate, remove weeds, and replenish the nutrients in your soil with fertilizer or compost. 
  • Refresh your foliage – When September and October arrive, begin thinking of what annuals you want to replace in your garden, and which trees or shrubs need pruning before spring. This is the ideal time to refresh your greenery, as a pruned garden will make an even better comeback in the spring. 
  • Redecorate your fence – As the holiday season comes closer, take advantage of your newly installed fence by adding some decorations for the season. Halloween pumpkins, Thanksgiving garland, and Christmas wreaths can all adorn your fence and give the rest of your yard the festive spirit. Fall is also the perfect time to install new lighting on your fence, just in time for evenings spent around the firepit. 

If you want to take advantage of the fall season and install a new fence for your yard, contact FloriFence today! We offer competitive prices and a one-year service guarantee on all fence installations. To learn more, call or email our offices to schedule a consultation. 

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