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Prepare Your Garden Fence For Spring

While it may still be chilly outside, it’s never too early to start thinking about spring gardening. In Florida, we are blessed with wonderful weather almost all year long. You can take advantage of this optimal climate by making your front or back yard a beautiful garden space, full of native flowers and shrubs. However, in order to get the most curb appeal out of your garden, you also want to take care of the fencing that surrounds it. 

At FloriFence, we recommend wood or vinyl that is lower than a standard fence, or aluminum fencing that you can see through when you walk by. These fencing styles provide a great view of your garden from the street, while still offering some privacy and security for your property. If you have a garden fence, here;’s what we recommend to prepare it for spring: 

Clean fence posts thoroughly. 

A clean fence makes your garden instantly look better. If you have an older fence, it’s important to wash it, remove any stains, and reseal or repair if the fence is wooden. Aluminum typically will withstand the elements better than wood, but you can touch up paint chips and remove dirt to make it look good as new. You can also use the winter to remove any grass stains near the bottom of your fence. 

Trim around fence borders. 

When planting a spring garden, it’s important to stay away from the very edge of your fence. If you plant too close, you won’t be able to perform maintenance on your fence or trim the edges with a weed wacker without risking damaging it. Winter is an ideal time to trim foliage that has grown too close to the fence so you can start anew in the spring. You can also take this time to trim climbing vines so they come back fuller in the spring without weighing your fence down. 

Lubricate gate hinges. 

You’ll likely be spending more time inside your garden in the spring, so take this time to lubricate your gate hinges and ensure they don’t stiffen or rust in the winter. This is especially important if you have a metal fence, or have automatic gates attached to your garden fence. 

Fence care is essential to garden care, and will immediately improve your curb appeal for spring. By taking some extra time in your winter maintenance routine, you can ensure your fence lasts a lifetime and still looks great!

For more information on fence care or to learn about new fence installations, contact us today.

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