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Powder Coat vs Paint – The Difference and Why it Matters

Powder coating is the process of coloring and sealing a fence with a powder instead of paint. The powder substance is sprayed onto the fencing and then heated to melt and adhere the powder to the fence. This creates a smooth, even finish that is oftentimes preferred over painting. Powder coating isn’t just used for fencing either — it’s how stoves, tables, refrigerators, and cars are typically colored and sealed.

However, it’s important to know the pros and cons of both before deciding whether to powder coat or paint. Below are some of the most important differences between powder coating and paint you should know before you begin your fencing project:

Powder coating provides a thicker and more even finish.

Because powder coating is done by machine rather than by hand, it provides a much more even surface. It can also be applied in thicker layers to prevent the material from showing through or from chipping away to the surface.

Powder coating lasts longer and will protect your fencing material.

The heating process of powder coating ensures that the fencing is not only colored, but also sealed. This makes powder coating the more durable and protective coating option.

Paint is self-drying.

This becomes an advantage when you want to use a material that cannot withstand the high heat required for powder coating. Wood fences, for example, cannot withstand the powder coat heating process, and therefore must be painted instead.

Powder coating is faster to apply, but not always faster to use.

Powder coating only requires one layer, whereas paint requires several coats for an even finish. However, because powder coating must be done offsite, it can take time to finish the process and transport the fencing material to your property.

Paint is more impactful on the environment.

Powder coating is done in a closed environment and does not emit the same level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air that painting does. Plus, there is less waste in the application process because it is more accurate. This makes powder coating a more environmentally friendly process than painting.

FloriFence wants you to make the right decision when planning your fencing project. To learn more about our powder coating and other color options, contact us today!

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