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Pool Screens vs. Fencing – Which is Best for Your Yard?

In Florida, many homes have in-ground pools that legally require fencing upon installation. Throughout the state, if a home or business has a pool installed, they must construct a fence that meets the following guidelines:  

  • It must be at least four feet tall 
  • It cannot have any gaps or holes between fence posts exceeding 1.75 inches  
  • Must be constructed at least 20-inches away from the edge of the pool 
  • All fence posts must be spaced at least 45 inches apart 
  • The fence cannot be located close enough to a permanent structure to allow children or adults to easily climb over  
  • Gates must open away from the pool and be lockable, self-closing, and self-latching, with the locking mechanism located on the pool-side of the gate 
  • Gate latches must be located at least 54-inches from the ground and have no gaps larger than 0.5-inches within 18-inches of the latch 

Some residents may believe that a porch screen may be adequate to meet this standard, but the state of Florida requires fencing in addition to screens to provide a locking gate and durable barrier against wildlife and pedestrians. While porch screens can help deter bugs and small animals from your pool, you will also need a boundary fence for your yard to comply with local laws.  

Boundary fencing is typically adequate for pool fencing in residential areas, but aluminum fencing is most often used for commercial fencing as it is water-resistant and provides a clear view of the pool from outside. Homeowners may prefer a vinyl fence, as it provides more privacy but is still water-resistant and easy to maintain even with close proximity to the pool. Some residents may choose to add a porch screen for child or pet safety, but this is ultimately up to you and your contractor to determine which is safest for your family.  

FloriFence has worked in Florida for over two decades, and we are well-versed in the best options for Florida pool fencing and more. If you are interested in building a fence for your commercial or residential pool, give us a call today! 

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