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Plants You Shouldn’t Grow Near Your Fence Line

Landscaping can improve the look and function of almost any fence. In Florida, we are especially lucky to have beautiful weather all year long, and a variety of native plants to make our gardens stand out. However, if you’ve recently built a fence or are planning a new fencing project, you need to watch out for certain types of landscape designs. 

Wood fencing is particularly vulnerable to mismanaged landscaping. While your plants may look nice in the spring and summer, they could cause damage to your fencing that will last years after the flowers bloom. If you are worried about your landscaping affecting your new fence, don’t plant these three types of gardens near your fence line:

Woody vines

Climbing vines are beautiful on garden trellises in the springtime, but they can cause long-term problems for your fence if the wrong species is grown. Vines with wooden stems hold more moisture, which can cause rot and fungus to grow on wooden fences. They can also become overpowering on your aluminum fence, causing it to lean toward the ground or become too thick to cut. Choose a smaller vine that won’t overpower your fence, such as star jasmine or a flowering bush to give your fence a beautiful garden trellis look. 

Invasive species

Invasive species are typically not sold at garden centers, but they should especially not be grown near your fence. If the plant starts to spread, it may grow too close to your fence and cause mold or fungus growth. Typically, we recommend planting six inches or more away from your fence to ensure the wood or vinyl has space to breathe and will receive enough airflow as to not retain moisture. Invasive species, however, will grow right up to your fence line and potentially damage wooden fencing. 

Heavy planter boxes

If you have plants you want to grow in hanging planter boxes, make sure they’re not too heavy for your fence. While most fencing is sturdy and can withstand pressure, they can begin to sag over time if you overload them. Ask your FloriFence contractor about the weight limit for your fence and what options you have for hanging planters. 

FloriFence is here to help you choose the perfect fence to complement your garden. If you have questions or concerns about how your plants will affect your fencing, give us a call today!

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