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Plan the Perfect Backyard Date Night

Valentine’s Day is coming up which means now is the time to start planning your perfect night. While most couples make reservations for dinner or a movie, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a romantic evening without ever having to leave the house. Skip the hour-long restaurant waits and crowded events for a romantic evening in you’ll enjoy even more. 

To plan the perfect date night in your backyard this Valentine’s Day, follow these five steps: 

Clean up the backyard.

The day before your special date, make some time to clean up the backyard so it creates a sense of relaxation rather than disappointment. Rake leaves, clean up any outdoor furniture you plan to use, and clean up hardscape in the backyard such as your fencing and outdoor buildings. 

Decorate the fence and gate.

If you’re planning to create a backyard date for Valentine’s Day, you want it to look different from your everyday backyard. One of the ways you can do this is by adding lights, flowers, or other decorations to the perimeter of your backyard. Your fence and gate (the entrance to your perfect date night) are the perfect place to add romantic lighting and other decor to set the scene. 

Create the right ambiance. 

In addition to decoration, you want to set the right ambiance for the area of your backyard you’ll be hosting the date. This could include adding candles to your outdoor table, laying out a few blankets to make your porch swing more romantic, or adding a few speakers outside so you can listen to music on your date. 

Begin your date at sunset.

Plan your date in advance so you two can watch the sunset together in the backyard. This is a simple but romantic gesture that sets the mood for the rest of the evening. You can sit and talk or cook for your partner while they enjoy the sunset in a new romantic setting. 

Have a candlelit dinner outside

Make a home-cooked meal more romantic by setting the table outside and having an elevated experience in your own backyard. Instead of going out when you know it’ll be packed, plan a date night where you get to pick the music, the menu, and everything in between. In Florida, February is the perfect time for an outdoor meal because the weather hasn’t warmed up so much that it’s hot and humid at night. 

If you’re interested in ways to decorate the backyard for your upcoming date night, check out our blog on Unique Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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