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Partial Fence Designs

For homeowners on a tight budget, a new fence installation can be very intimidating. An entire perimeter fence can cost thousands of dollars even for a smaller home. And, if you’re replacing a new but damaged fence, you likely didn’t plan on having this expense so soon. If you are looking for a more affordable way to add privacy to your home, or simply want some architectural variety in your outdoor space, consider adding a partial fence. 

A partial fence does not close in the perimeter of your yard, but rather acts as a privacy wall for your backyard entertainment space. You can use a partial fence to block unsightly views or to create a more private space for your pool or outdoor entertainment area. Below are some of the most common partial fence designs that can elevate your yard and make it a more practical space: 

Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing is ideal for partial fencing because it provides some privacy and some visibility for your space. The lattice design is ornamental and will provide a view outside the yard, but keeps the peering eyes of neighbors away. 

Open Batten

Open batten designs are partial fences with slats spaced an inch or more apart, to allow for some visibility while still protecting your privacy. These can be wood, vinyl, metal, or another fencing material. Most open batten fences are used for gardens or front yards as they provide visibility into and outside the home. If you have an open batten fence but want more privacy, you can grow climbing vines or other thick foliage to create the illusion of a solid fence. 

Shrubs and Dividers

Shrubbery is a common addition to backyards to create privacy in the absence of a fence. However, if there are gaps in your shrub barrier, you can fill them with fence dividers. This helps to create privacy without breaking the bank or losing your beautiful greenery. 

Partial fences are a great aesthetic addition to your backyard that can be installed even on a tight budget. To learn more about how you can utilize partial fence designs in your home, give FloriFence a call today!

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