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Painting, Decorating and Creating Murals With Your Fence

At FloriFence, we love to see the different and creative ways in which people design their fences. We’ve seen it all, from beautiful hanging gardens to novel lighting and extravagant holiday decor. As part of our commitment to delivering excellent service, we want to help you safely and efficiently decorate your fencing for whatever occasion and style you desire. 

Our first priority is always safety. Before making modifications to your fence, feel free to call us to determine whether your specific fencing can bear the weight or alterations you’re planning to make. Some paints, stains, and additions to fencing such as planter boxes can damage the fence, leading to premature degradation. However, FloriFence can help you choose the right materials and strategies for alteration that won’t damage your fencing long-term. 

How to Paint Your Fence

Painting your wooden fence is a very easy DIY home improvement project. All you need is a pressure washer, a primer, and painting supplies for your wooden fence. Be sure to clean it properly and prime it with a sealant to ensure the surface is ready for paint. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, consider having FLoriFence paint upon installation. 

Decorating Options for Fences

Once your fence is painted, you have several other decoration options to make it look unique. In addition to our custom toppers, trim, and gates, consider adding these decorative elements to your fence: 

  • Plant boxes and hanging plants
  • Cute signs for your gate
  • Seasonal decorations (especially around the holidays)
  • Outdoor lights

Murals for Residential and Commercial Fencing

Wooden fences can make excellent mural canvases for local artists. Whether you want to use your fence for your own artistic purposes, or would like to commission a mural for your commercial property, there are some tips you should follow for best results:

  • Only paint large-scale works on wooden fences. Vinyl and metal fences are more difficult for paint to adhere, and will likely not last as long. 
  • Prime your fence before you paint. Depending on the type of paint you use, you’ll need to prime the wood to ensure it will properly absorb the paint and won’t chip or fade over time. 
  • Choose a subtle design if you’re painting in a residential area. While you may be the artistic type, your neighbor may be skeptical if you paint a fence mural in the neighborhood. Stick to subtle designs or choose a place for your mural that doesn’t face the street or a neighbor’s yard if you are painting a residential fence. 

If you have questions or want assistance with your fence customization project, give us a call! We are happy to work with you to make your fencing style a perfect match for your home. 

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