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My Dog Keeps Escaping My Chain Link! Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe Outdoors

Pet owners face their own unique challenges when it comes to fence installation. While we’d like for our lovable pets to simply stay inside the boundaries of the fence without question, they have a way of bending the rules and often escaping, even after a fence has been built. This is especially common with chain link fencing which is easy for dogs to dig under or climb over if they are able to do so. 

If you’re having trouble keeping your pet inside your backyard, here are some tips that can help:

Add an underground barrier.

Oftentimes, dogs will dig under fencing if they get bored or can smell something intriguing on the other side. While the fencing itself cannot prevent this, you can create a layer of concrete or another barrier underneath the fencing to deter digging activity. Chicken wire, rocks, and other cheap barriers can easily be installed under your chain link or another fencing type in order to keep your pet inside. 

Remove any object that can be used for climbing. 

Some dogs are more agile than others, making climbing over a fence easier. If your dog is climbing over trash cans, patio furniture, or any other object close to the fence line, try moving it several feet away to make climbing more difficult. 

Enhance your landscaping. 

A fence is often easy to climb over or dig under, but hedging poses several challenges. Consider planting shrubs near your dog’s favorite digging or climbing spot in order to deter them from trying to escape. 

Dog training

Dogs that are incredibly loyal and simply looking for some fun beyond the backyard may be stopped with proper training. If your dog is relatively obedient, you may try enrolling them in a class or talk to a dog trainer about teaching them to stay inside the fence. While this isn’t the easiest option, it may strengthen the trust you have with your pet. 

Fence maintenance

Sometimes dogs will escape a fence because it has been damaged and there is easy access to the outside world. Dogs have been known to squeeze through gaps in chain link or break down rotted wooden boards in order to escape the yard. If your fencing has been damaged, it’s important to fix it immediately in order to prevent injury to your pet. 

FloriFence wants everyone in your family — including furry loved ones — to be able to benefit from our fencing installation. If you have questions about pet-friendly fencing, contact us today!

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