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My Dog Keeps Digging Under The Fence! – How To Keep Them Safely Inside

FloriFence works with pet owners every day to design options that will keep their dogs safely within the yard. While some issues like jumping and squeezing between fence posts can easily be remedied with style options, digging is another issue that must be addressed on its own. 

Dog owners have limited options for keeping a digging dog in the confines of the fenced-in yard. If they are determined enough, they will dig under the fence and escape when you’re not looking. This is the most common cause of lost and escaped dogs in neighborhoods, and one that we actively try to prevent when we know a client has a digging dog. 

Below are your best options if your dog is known to dig under fences and escape: 


Some dogs dig out of boredom, anxiety, or simply to get their “zoomies” out. They may not be intentionally trying to escape, but an open window to the outside world may be too tempting for even the most loyal dog. You can prevent this behavior by closely monitoring their outdoor playtime and providing different outlets for excess energy. Playing fetch, tug-o-war, or encouraging digging in a sandbox as opposed to the yard can help prevent the problem of hole digging in the first place. 

Chicken wire.

If your dog digs shallow holes under the fence, you can install chicken wire underneath the fence to provide an underground barrier that will hopefully deter them from digging further. Most dogs won’t dig more than a few inches before they give up, which makes this installation simple even for an existing fence. We can also install chicken wire during new fence construction as a preventative measure. 


Dogs are much less likely to dig through thick bushes than they are to dig under fencing alone. By adding landscaping elements on the border of your fence, you can prevent the digging and subsequent security issues. However, this won’t always deter smaller dogs that can easily maneuver under the bushes. Plants like large palms and palmettos may work better for smaller dogs. 

If you have an escape artist pet, let the team at FloriFence know beforehand so we can design a fence that keeps them safe. This will save you hours of worry and stress by preventing escapes before they ever happen. To learn more about dog fencing for your home, contact us today. 

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